My response to the Prime Minister Of England

Rishi Sunak is considering withdrawing major cash disability benefit from some people with mental health conditions, prompting claims he has launched a “full-on assault on disabled people”. This from the Guardian newspaper, whom I credit the article with.

Rishi Sunak and the conservative party, are at war with the disabled and people with mental health illnesses.

What gives him the right to say that he is going to tackle down on people with mental health, and people with disabilities.

 Under the last 12 years of Tory government, the mental health system, has gotten worse. Just looking at the area i live in, there has been 8000 deaths through suicide or miss treatment, because of mental health trust, covered up, and yet your party has not stepped in to get an independent inquiry to find out why…

Your sick note battle with Brittan, is making people, with genuine problems, fall deeper into depression, putting more strain on the NHS.

You are under funding mental health services that are there to help people, yet cant get the funding to help support people or keep their staff on because their staff are fighting on the front line to battle the demands, which in turn is making them have mental health issues, and they in turn, losing time off work to get help, to find there is a huge waiting list, and not much funding. There is a very serious problem with the way mental health is being used in this country, someone, like the Prime Minister…..needs to do a shake up of the departments who are supposed to specialise in this field.

Don’t get me wrong, I know there are people playing the system, and mess it up for the people who our genuinely in need of the benefits. But the genuine ones should not be punished for a few unethical people, who are trying to scam the system.

I urge you to speak to people like myself, with lived experience, and try to work this out, so it benefits us all. We need help with mental health, we need help with our disabilities. Stop punishing us for things that are not our fault, and cannot control

This us talking

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