Snooker Loopy

Hey everyone!** I hope you’re all doing well and feeling good. If you’re in the UK, it’s great weather—especially if you’re a duck! 


The past couple of weeks have been a bit weird for me. My partner and I had to make the difficult decision to put our dog to sleep. It was heart-breaking, but we knew it was for the best. Bless her little soul.

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Now, let’s shift gears and talk about something more uplifting! Recently, my grandson invited me to a sporting event at **Beccles Snooker Club**. It was part of a series competition that he runs. Exciting stuff!

Before the competition, I received a picture of my first-round opponent—a teenager! I thought, “I can’t lose to a teenager!” But guess what? I did—3 nil! The young man I played against was absolutely brilliant. He helped me with the rules of the game and even reminded me to keep track of my score. 🙂

In the plate competition, I faced an older gentleman. He was friendly and polite, which made the game even more enjoyable. We had a little hiccup when we weren’t sure where to place the black ball—it couldn’t go on the spot. But another player stepped in and kindly guided us through it. It’s moments like these that restore your faith in humanity.

Now, let’s talk about my anxiety. Going to a new venue and playing snooker with people I’d never met was a big stressor for me. But guess what? Everyone was incredibly nice and friendly! They took the time to say hello and made me feel welcome. The snooker club itself had a calm atmosphere that helped me relax.

After my second match (yes, I lost again), I decided it was time to meet up with my partner. My anxiety was rising, but overall, it was a positive experience.

I want to give a shoutout to my grandson for inviting me and express my gratitude to Beccles Snooker Club for creating such a welcoming environment.

This year, I’m all about trying new things. How about you? What exciting adventures are you embarking on? Let’s make it a cracking week! 



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