World Mental health 2023

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all well and good and you have a good day!

I’m going to speak to you today as it’s World Mental Health Day

So it’s the 10th of October 2023, today is World Mental Health Day so it only seems fitting that I share how you can help and the different ways you can communicate that you are struggling.

So I first started looking at this when I was doing talks in school from year 6 to year 9, I thought it would be good to ask them what they thought.

I asked ‘when you’re struggling and you feel like you can’t openly say to someone that you’re struggling, what do you think you could do to show someone that you’re struggling?’

Now I didn’t expect many people to share but I was wrong, everyone had ideas coming in thick and fast and it was great!

One individual said a drawing. I asked them to explain a bit more, they said they had drawn a picture and a teacher had then pulled them aside and asked if they were ok and if they could help. I asked them how did it make them feel that the teacher noticed and they said they had stuff going on at home and this was the only way they could express that.

Another Individual said rapping/singing, they don’t like talking and having conversations but music is a way they can express themself. This is what they do when they’re struggling and I said to them that it’s very brave and amazing that they have found their way to express their feelings

A third student said that they use writing and poetry to help them because they can’t talk about struggling because they don’t feel valued. However when they write their feelings down it helps them express and feel empowered. Now I can relate to this, I don’t find myself talented at writing but these blogs have become a type of therapy for me.

The list can go on and on so if you have any thoughts please share them below so others can read and see if they can also help them!

Thank you for reading, I wish you all good mental health!💕

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