Hey everyone, I hope ya are all well and good. Sorry I haven’t been about it, but I’ve been busy, bee.

Today, I’m going to talk to about CHIME that I’ve learnt   into sets of recovery model and say about was in recovery mode in the different sections of chime.

So, C is for connections and when I had my relapse I. 2018, I had lost all connection to nature and people. I went to a course called recovery college and we did chime then and then I never really thought about it and sine 2023 I have been on a therapeutic course called Waves with Waveney mind and we just done chime and I’ve got think but I got ask to join a project called burgh Castle almanac and it was based at roman Fort. One week then a 2weeks later we would be at time and tide museum. Half way through the project I said to the groups I’m in recovery from my relapse but I feel like I’m getting my connection back to people and nature

And I think again that because I wasn’t in a clinical setting me and the group grew as but also individually.

H is for hope now I don’t as much hope but since I’ve started the waves course, I have been given a hope because I’m seeing things explained to me in a different light and it make sense and I’ve put what’s I’ve learnt into practice and that give me hope it works.

I am for identity now. I saw myself in recovery when it came to identity, but now I see myself as a mental health advocate and want to help people in their journeys.

M is meaningful now. I’ve never really thought about meaning, but. But doing this blog and podcasts and talks I’ve done is my meaning because it helps me.

E is for empowerment, and the blogs and podcast talk I’ve done give me this sense of feeling that I have achieved something it’s also been like self-therapy for myself.

If you get a chance to look at the chime model, then please, so it’s so helpful and easy to follow if you can.

Thank you all for reading I wish you all good health, mental health.

4 responses to “CHIME”

  1. Paul sawyer Avatar
    Paul sawyer

    Great blog and very interesting John

    All makes sense by the way you have explained it! You are doing great

    Thank you for sharing

    1. John Durrant Avatar

      Thanks again for your support and reading the blog pail all help is much appreciated

  2. Laura Drysdale Avatar

    That’s great John. The CHIME words really ring a bell, I can see how they help, it makes complete sense. its lovely to read your thoughts about Burgh Castle Almanac too – and you are a fantastic mental health advocate. Can we repost it on the RT website? People would be very interested.

    1. John Durrant Avatar

      Hey Laura thanks for all the support you give me and taking the time to read my blog and comment

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