My Journey So Far

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all well and good. Today I am going to talk to you about the last couple of sessions I have had on the Wave Project with Norfolk and Waveney Mind.

The last session I had I found really helpful and I felt like I took a lot away from it. To get to my sessions I go on the bus however when I went to pay for the bus this time round the bus driver refused me entry because it turns out I had an old pound coin. The driver wouldn’t even let me sit on the bus until my partner quickly transferred me the money over, so I went back home. My partner couldn’t drop me off at the buses next stop because we were having our new boiler fitted in our bungalow so I asked my neighbour if she could help me out. Luckily, she was happy to help me bless her, as we got the hospital where the next stop was the bus was pulling away. My neighbour offered to then drop me off in town to catch the bus at the next stop. When the bus pulled up I looked at the driver and say ‘hello again, I have money on the card now’ to which he ignored and just looked at me in disgust.

So, once I finally got to Norwich, which is where my therapy sessions are held, we do our gratitude and homework and then move on the main part of the session. This session we were doing a timeline of our personal journey through life or we could just do a small part of or life. All we did was get the facts together but we didn’t go into detail. I found this this session hard when we got asked to put our strengths in a different colour, looking for strengths and any form of positivity is hard for me because I am quite a negative person. However, now I look back at it and I am surprised that once I found a few strengths how much that uplifted me. I love that, sure, but I wouldn’t want to go back and look at it just yet. Maybe further down the line once we have done some more work.

In the afternoon we do some kind of activity and this can be absolutely anything.. this time round we had 30 pieces of spaghetti and cello tape and we had to build a marshmallow in 1 minute. Now I am not good at stuff like this but the team I had was brilliant and kept me involved even though I had lost interest.

The next session was new, the Mind team wanted to check with us if that should be put before the timeline work that we did because it was a very hard session for all of us. We all agreed that they should put it before the timeline work, I honestly can’t remember what activity we did here.

The session after this I wasn’t able to attend due to my partner being very unwell, I am currently waiting on a catch up session to be put in place.

So the session after was very hot, I actually didn’t take my parka with me and I just wore shorts. Now to many not taking a big coat on a hot day makes sense but for me my parka is a safety thing. Once I got into Norwich on the bus, well it was bloody hot! We did our recaps homework in this session. Now because we had come to the end of module 1 we had our 1-2-1 reviews and we had a volunteer running the session which was creative writing. My first thought was you know what yeah, I’m up for this and within half an hour I already had written 2 pages. After this we had our lunch and then spent the afternoon all together chatting and laughing as we all read out what we had written. We had everything from rapping to some poems, I chose to do a short story.

Right, now I have got you all up to date on my journey roll on next Monday and if I am right, we will be starting module 2. If that is the case, then bring it on! I can honestly say I have noticed some changes already.

I wish you all good mental health and a cracking week. Also if you are in the UK please pray for a thunderstorm to clear the air!

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  1. Theresa Margaret Denis Avatar
    Theresa Margaret Denis

    Thanks John for your interesting update. You write very well and explain your situation and experiences in an interesting way. We always look forward to hearing from you.
    Tess and Vicky

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