Men’s Walk and talk East Anglia

Hey everyone, hope you’re all well and good! For the UK readers hope you remembered to put your clocks forward. Today I’m going to talk to you about how I attended a walk and talk in my local town for men. 

So a month or so ago I saw a post about a walk and talk for men in a neighbouring town from me. The first week they had 3 turn up, the second week they had 27 turn up and the third week they ended up with 101! What an achievement that is! Men are known for not opening up and keeping everything inside, I can hold my hands up and say I have done that.

So I reached out to a couple of mates I know who are struggling and they thought it would be a good idea to go. I had a meeting a few weeks back about setting up a walk and talk in my hometown. We set a date for the 26th March 2023, I was so nervous about going as I’m not great with meeting new people. Well I have to say this group of men were so down to earth and just listening to people talk on the walk was amazing.

It was just so nice to see men from all different backgrounds coming together and chatting away.

One thing that shocked me was how many biker lads were there, I was also told they were hard-core people. I think they’re brilliant!

Let’s hope these can happen all over the place so everyone can have the opportunity to join in, I know it helped me. I know it can be scary at first but it’s worth it. If you’re interested and there’s one near you please don’t hesitate, the group are great!

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  1. Paul Avatar

    Love this, we as men are deep and hide emotions and feelings. To realise that our feelings are not unique to ourselves and in fact many like minded people are experiencing these circumstances and to have people we can speak with can only dilute the pressures we place upon ourselves. Great to hear you got out there mixed and most of all enjoyed the experience.

    1. John Durrant Avatar

      Hey Paul thank for taking the time to comment and read my blog what you put is so true

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