Part of A Community

Hey everyone I hope you’re all well and in good spirits today! I just want to talk to you about two people that have made me feel apart of the online game play community.

First we have Onlycamz on twitch, the blood is a right laugh! He’s also very talented, I finally got the courage to message him and ask if he would be able to help me make some screens to start and finish off my podcasts. Now for those that know me I find it difficult talking to people because I feel like they won’t understand what I’m saying or I’ll just end up sounding stupid because I struggle with my spelling and writing. It’s not just online I struggle with this, I find that I also struggle with speaking to people on the phone and even doing the podcast. Cam was more than happy to help me and sent me through some designs he’d worked on and I was over the moon! He was spot on and didn’t charge me a single penny for all the work he put in and that meant a lot to me.

He also says ‘hi’ to me in people’s chats and that alone made me feel very welcome. We recently had a chat and he was encouraging me to get involved in a channel because it was a chilled out place and a laugh. I just want to say thank you Onlycams, you don’t know how much I appreciate what you did you me so thank you again fella. So the channel Cam told me to get involved in was Flatzyy aka Sam.

Well I started out watching Sam play his game play and I didn’t really chat in the channel due to as I mentioned before feeling stupid and struggling with my writing. However I started to see other people in there, from other chats, were getting involved so I decided to just say ‘hi’ and go from there. Sam’s stream has lifted my spirits up on multiple occasions and I can’t thank him enough for that and I sent him a message to tell him that. Also Sam is a bit of a Tic tok boss so I asked him a couple of questions and he gave me some advice.

I took his advice and bang I’m seeing results, so thank you for sharing your secrets! Sam always responds to me in the chat and makes me feel at ease as well as a being a valued member of the community. Thank you to Onlycamz and Flatzyy aka Sam, you have helped me gain so much confidence and grow in myself. You’ve also helped improve my mental health and that is something I appreciate so much.

You can catch Flatzyy here

You can catch Olnycamz here

I wish you all good mental health and thank you for reading this.

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