What Can I say???

What can anyone say to make yo feel better about yourself? I’ve thought about this for quite a while now. Friends and family tell me all the time great things about myself. But why does it not make any difference to how i feel about myself. Yet if I get any negative feedback from outside my circle of trusted people, I take notice. I dwell on the words that can drip with distain and anger, believing every stab of insult.

Why do we readily take on negativity and ignore all the positive things said from the people we trust and love. Think about it, our friends and family know us very well, when strangers don’t know us from Adam. I think it comes down to how we feel about ourselves, and the strangers opinions just reinforce our own self hatred, our deepest thoughts and insecurities, so what they say must be true right????Our nearest and dearest say things because its what we expect them to say, because they love us and don’t want to hurt us.

Strangers telling us what we believe to be the truth, have no inhabitations, and mirror what we are thinking anyhow. This is total nonsense, as we all know, but when your mind works on the negative side of things, how do we get out of that negative cycle.

What can I say to get you to see that the positive words are true and the negative words are coming from a strangers own hurt and anger. I do believe that saying positive words to yourself on a daily basis is a start to a more positive you. You need to tell yourself everyday how awesome you are, how brave and strong you are. Look where you are coming from, what you have had to deal with, look at yourself, you have survived. How awesome is that!!!!!

We are all a product of our environment and upbringing, the old adage, nurture verses nature. We deal with things completely differently to others, because we are unique, we are individual. You could have five people brought up in the exactly same way with the same trails and tribulations, yet each one will deal with it differently, Nature?? I think our personalities have a big effect on how we deal with things, again nature.

Being brought up in a perfect family, with no stresses or conflicts, does not mean you will grow up with no mental health issues. The brain is a mysterious and complex thing that humans may never fully understand.

So whatever anyone says to you, to either make you feel better or worse about yourself, remember it is coming from their own experiences and perspective on life. We all know the truth, that we are all individually awesome, and deserve the best that life can offer. If negative words resonate more than positive, is this because of your own personal experiences or your natural emotions. Maybe the trick is to just think positively and train that brain to believe all the positive things that people say.

So what can i say to make you feel better about yourself….Only thing that comes to mind is Belief… Believe in yourself, you’re here for a reason, warts and all. Love yourself and be above all kinder to yourself, whether you want to hear it or not!!!

Have a fantastic week you awesome dudes, Virtual hugs being sent if you need them, and if you don’t 🙂

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