Pickle, not just something I put on my sandwiches…

Nine years ago, i persuaded my partner to let me have a dog. We went and met her parents and even though she was all teeth and a rapid ball of fur, we fell in love. We took her home and decided to name her Pickle, due to her Branston pickle looking colour.

Due to potty training, we decided she had to learn to go to the kitchen to do her business on the pad, so we brought a stairgate to keep her in, but the sassy mutt jumped it within twenty minuets….. we quickly found out this mutt had springs in her feet!!!!

As most pups do, she whizzed around the house, chewing my partners slippers…and teething on anyone’s hands available. But my favorite thing she did was when she was ready to sleep. She would curl up and sleep on my head. As shes gotten bigger, this is not viable, but does not stop her trying.

Now the reason i am talking about my scruffy hairy mutt, is because of how she helps me. As most dogs do, they can sense things in humans. She knows when im anxious or upset and will jump up for a cuddle.

I find stroking her hair very therapeutic. It can calm me down and make me feel at ease. It may be the stroking sensation that makes me feel relaxed, im not sure, but im not going to question it, as it works. The licking of my face is not so therapeutic, but i understand its her way of saying, its ok dad, im here.

Now im not suggesting we all go out and get a nutty ball of fur to keep us sane, i just want to share with you the things that help me during my times of anxiety and stress.

We go on walks, and this is helpful, as we are in the fresh air and walking in nature which i love. Now my mutt is strange, because if its raining, she point blank refuses to leave the house!!!! Now thats great as i dont like getting wet, but dragging her along the floor, is not something i want to be seen doing!!!! So on very wet days we stay in.

She makes me laugh a lot, even now thats shes getting on in age,, everyone loves her as she is so friendly and wanting love off everyone, but we noticed with an old friend of ours, that even pretend fighting me will result in your leg or bum coming into contact with her teeth!!

I think what i am trying to tell you is, i have found different ways of coping with my anxiety and thoughts, and my beloved Pickle is one of my stress busters. So what do you use to help you de-stress??

Hope this finds you in good stress free mental health, and i would like to give out a big thank you to my Mutt and anyone else pets that helps them through times of need.

Have a good day and keep smiling, as this will make you feel good even when your not in the mood to.

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