Another visit to Burgh Castle

So on the 19th February we where again at Burgh Castle for another group session, where we take our fixed points photos, and we had Ian the artist with us and Tim the stone guy.

There was a small group of, and we met at the village hall. After all the introductions and a catch up of everything, we then gathered closer to Tim’s computer he had set up. Well, I was expecting this power point demonstration to be boring, as we were talking about stones.

I can say I was pleasantly surprised how un-boring it was, as he passed some stones around the group. It was interesting to me how old they could be, and how far they had come, and I didn’t realise how many different stones there were out there.

After the talk, we then went for our walk around Burgh Castle. we then took the fixed points photographs. We found out about how long it took them to build the church and what a wide range of stone that was used in there wall.

We then carried walking around Burgh Castles fort. It was windy, but when you got in the sun it was lovely and warm. I really enjoyed seeing the site so busy, because it was half term and families were out together walking there dogs.

We then went over to what I call our winter spot, where the wind isn’t to bad. We started making things with clay. I’m not an arty person but it was really nice and relaxing doing this, then went down buy the river, which is one of my favourite thinking spots listening to the reeds and the running water.

We then took part in our mindfulness walk, and this is another of my favourite part of Burgh Castle, where you can just take the time to be silent and listen to wildlife, the river, nature sounds and the motors of the odd boat that goes by.

So a small lesson I learned about this day, don’t alway judge something before you start doing it, because you never know when your going to learn something new and actually enjoy the experience.

Thanks for reading, take care, be safe, and try something new each week, you never know, you just might like it!

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