A round up of Burgh Castle

Hey everyone, I hope you’re well and in good Mental Health today. I’m going to talk you about Burgh Castle project, which is what we’ve been getting up to, and the plan I would like to do with the project when finished.

So a couple of months ago now we had Anna Mudeka from Zimbabwe come to Burgh Castle and do our walk. Anna sang to us in her native language and used instruments from back home. It was so peaceful when Anna sang, you felt like you were with her in her country. My favourite part was when she sang to us in click. I thought this was totally amazing and so wonderful to hear.

We have also been doing some interview sessions as we want to make a film about our experience of what we got up to on this project. I want to say big thank you to all who attended. We picked one and I can’t wait to start working along side them to see what we come up with.

We then had a local man come in called Jason and he showed us how to do whittling and make our own spoons and knives. I was panicking about doing this as I’m no good at wood work but Jason was so calm and made you feel so at ease about it, and took time to go round one by one to help if you where stuck. I found this really interesting and on the plus side I never cut my self so thank you Jason for this.

So our next thing we got up to was we visited another heritage site called St Bennett’s Abbey. This was a fun drive as our sat nav took us the wrong way and the site wasn’t that well sign posted. When we got to the site we had to walk up to the ruin that is sat next to the river. The site is steeped in history. There was engravings on the wall from the 1900’s and it was a really nice seeing the site being used by other people and dog walkers and usually in the fields are cows.

This project from start to finish is a two year project it’s brought the best out in me. I’ve also done stuff I never thought I’d do. When this project is finished, I would love to take it in to Schools, Universities and Prisons. We as a group could all bring this to other people I would also doing talk to the government and finder on how this helps.

Thanks for reading

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