Should I or Shouldn’t I

Hey everyone, I hope you are all well and good and I hope you have been making the most of the cooler weather. Today I am going to talk about my problems with this General Election.

So I agree we need change in the government so I understand the idea of the General Election however, I do also think that we need someone with a back bone but I won’t go into that.

Since the election has been called I have been bombarded with leaflets left right and centre from the parties in my town. I even had someone from the Labour party post something through my letterbox and drive off but not once has any representative knocked on my front door. Surely if they were that interested in my vote they would want to speak to me and try and find out who I plan to vote for and if they can sway me.

The Labour representative keeps telling me to send them an email but I don’t want to send and email, I want to speak to someone face to face. I want to be able to read their body language when I ask questions. 

The Lib Dem representative posted about pot holes so I replied to him on twitter and needless to say I haven’t had a response. Had some measly paper through the door and that was that from them.

As for the Green Party well I haven’t heard or seen anything from them so it makes me wonder if they still stand in my area.

The Reform Party have posted a couple of leaflets and I had a letter addressed to me yesterday however I still haven’t seen anyone.

They all seem to be worried about the potholes and not about the people in the community who are struggling.

There was an independent enquiry about the cover up from the Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust for mental health and how there have been over 8000 incidents. They have been proven to be the worst performing trust in the whole of England and not one party seems bothered by this. There are adults and young children not getting the help they need or they deserved and you’re more worried about potholes.. get a bloody grip of yourselves!

I am still undecided who I will vote for on Thursday the 4th July 2024, I am hoping that this will give them all a kick up the bloody arse.

Thank you for reading and I would love to hear your thoughts on this from wherever part of the UK you are!

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