Of to see Ruby Wax

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all well and good and enjoying the sunshine. Well when it comes out from behind the clouds.

I’m off to see Ruby Wax this Friday and to say I’m buzzing would be an understatement.

I came across Ruby watching her talk about mental health whilst doing a TED Talk. She delivered it with humour but she also shared the serious and important side of mental health and from that moment I was hooked. 

I found that humour really helps my mental health.

I was listening to the voices in my head one day when my partner noticed and asked me if I was was listening to them and I said yes. She quickly responded ‘are they telling you to make me a cup of tea?’ Well I nearly wet myself, it got me away from the voices in my head and also got me making a cup of tea for her haha.

Humour is great for my mental health but I only accept it from people I know if that makes sense.

I also got Rubys new book on audible which is called I’m Not Well which I really enjoyed listening to.

I will update you all next week with how I get on, I’m going to be cheeky and see if she will come on my podcast.. like my partner said there’s nothing to lose. So stay tuned…

Also people can you help support me with keeping my equipment up to date, the cost of running the website and other little bits. Or even a cheeky Pepsi max to drink while I write the blog at the link below


Have a great week everyone and I wish you all good mental health 

2 responses to “Of to see Ruby Wax”

  1. Sarah Barron Avatar

    This blog made me laugh, I’m so pleased you’ve found a way to quiten them down xx

    1. John Durrant Avatar

      Thank for reading an supporting

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